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About My Life With Bud...

Real-life horsewoman Linda Northrup-Keeter knows how to overcome obstacles.  She's done everything from working multiple jobs to surviving on popcorn dinners to be able to promote her Cutting horse,
Doc's Major Star or Bud.  But when Northrup-Keeter's champion gelding develops Moon blindness and begins to lose his sight, this hard knocks cowgirl is faced with some even tougher decisions.  Saddle up, because the tale of how Northrup-Keeter retrains Bud to be a champion of a different sort is a wild and heartwarming ride.
To watch producer Joanne Braithwaite's original Animal Miracles/Miracle Pets segment about Linda and Bud, click on the following link:
See Linda and Bud!
Be sure to select the 'This Bud's for You' episode.

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           Linda Northrup-Keeter's Story by Susan Fay
Photos by Cappy Jackson
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