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Writer Susan Fay first met Sandy, Oregon horsewoman Linda Northrup-Keeter and her blind gelding, Doc's Major Star or Bud, in 2003.
Soon afterward, Bud was named an
MD Barns / American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Silver Spur Award finalist.  The Silver Spur is bestowed annually in recognition of a special horse's equine "humanitarian" contributions.  Linda and Bud traveled to the 2003 AQHA World Show, where Silver Spur top honors were bestowed on Bud.
Linda strongly believed Bud's story could help people view handicapped animals in a new light.  So, she asked Sue to help her pen a book.
    My Life with Bud... is the result of countless hours of interviews and review sessions with Linda and other primary characters as well as research.  This tale is lovingly crafted with the sound advice of writer Carol Franks and others, as well as literary agents extraordinaire, Anna Cottle and Mary Alice Kier.
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           Linda Northrup-Keeter's Story by Susan Fay
Photo by Frank Holmes
Bud and Linda
From My Life with Bud...

    Take the horse from his herd and you destroy a part of his soul.  My champion gelding had become blind slowly and in the company of his herd.  Gradually, I returned Bud to the care of his companions.  At first, life in the pasture was ugly.
Photos by Toni Benfit